About Us

Whether for an apartment complex, or your own home, getting the right property maintenance can go a long way to keeping your area running efficiently, and avoiding large repair bills. We are a company dedicated to bringing you all the maintenance services needed, as well as the quality repairs you may require to ensure that your property is always in the best possible condition, and that you can worry about more important things that come with owning your own space. We deliver the most experienced services in the Worthing area, to give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to the daily operation of your property.

From painting to plumbing, we run the gamut of services needed across a property no matter the issue. We have been in the business of bringing the right maintenance to Worthing properties for many years, and have built a reputation of reliability and know how when it comes to all manner of maintenance. When you need a company that can be counted on to be there when you need them, on time every time, and still brings you the affordability that allows for you to have a professional maintenance person on staff, then Worthing Property Maintenance is the company you need to contact. We are always available to take your call, and to bring you more information on what our vast array of services brings to your property. If you feel it’s time to take your property into your own hands, then we have the services you need.