Roof and Chimney Repairs

The cover of your property plays an integral role, not only in giving your building the finished look, but in providing the necessary day to day protection from the Worthing elements, and getting the right repairmen on site when you need them will ensure that these pieces of your building continue to function properly. We deliver the repair services you need to your roof and chimneys to ensure that you have tops to your properties that will stand up to the elements and continue to work as expected.

Roof Repairs
            There are many different things that can damage your roof, and many different roof types that can suffer damages in different ways, and knowing how to bring the right services to the right issue is important in delivering quality results. Whether you’ve suffered hail damage to a tin roof, or had a tree branch fall on a shingle roof, you can be sure that we have the skills and knowledge necessary to bring you the proper repairs for the issues at hand. We are experienced with a wide range of roofs, and bring the benefit of that experience to each repair.

Material Replacement
            In high wind events, it’s not impossible for you to suffer the loss of some roofing materials, and we are here to bring your roof back to order in these events. When you find yourself short on shingles, or facing a lack of metal coverage, then getting the right professional attention will keep the possibility of further damages from being a reality. At Worthing Property Maintenance we bring you the skills and experience needed to properly deal with any issues of missing materials in a seamless and effective finished product ready to face the weather one more.

Chimney Repairs
            Across Worthing chimneys are prevalent, and therefore also means that chimney repair needs are also quite common. When dealing with brick work this high up, it’s important to get repairs the moment you need them, as a fallen brick from the top of your property can cause some serious harm to a passer-by. At Worthing Property Maintenance we bring you the specialized treatment needed to ensure that your chimneys are in top condition and have the ability to sturdily stand up to the elements once more on your Worthing area property, maintaining their look and functionality for years to come.

Flue Cleaning
            A proper chimney cleaning not only allows you to use it more effectively, but paying attention to the buildup levels, and proper cleaning of your flue can lower the risk of potential fires in the future. At Worthing Property Maintenance we bring you the good old fashioned chimney sweep service that Worthing is known for, and ensures that you have a chimney you can depend on for many more years to come. With an unmatched attention to detail, and a specialized expertise, your chimney will be working like a charm again in no time when you decide to call into Worthing Property Maintenance.