Property Maintenance for Landlords

Caring for your rental property does more than just make your place look great, it provides an atmosphere that your renters will appreciate, drives up your potential rental prices, and ensures that you maintain a good reputation in the rental market, which can be key to being successful. At Worthing Property Maintenance we bring you all the maintenance services you need to care for your property, while keeping your overhead prices low, and your earning safely in your bank account where they belong.

Move in Preparation
            When getting a location ready for a potential tenant to move in, it’s important that it is up to standards. Ensuring the place is clean, the wiring all works, and that there’s no surprise leaks coming from the faucets will keep you from getting a phone call in the middle of the night on their first day of tenancy. At Worthing Property Maintenance we bring you all the maintenance services you need to ensure that your rental unit will be ready to go for new tenants, and will provide them with a safe and functional place to stay for years.

Move Out Repairs and Painting
            With the loss of a tenant can come the gain in realization of the state of a rental unit. Not to say that all tenants leave behind big messes and disrepair, but it does happen, and when you have an entire rental apartment to think of, buckling down to clean up after your last tenants can be an issue. With Worthing Property Maintenance services you have the ability to deal with all leftover issues, such as painting, damage repair, carpet cleaning and a whole host of other needed services, to put focus on your next tenants rather than your last.

Interior Work
            When you need services for your rental property, you can be sure that Worthing Property Maintenance has the coverage you need. From plumbing to electrical, painting to small repair, you can bet that we have all of your bases covered. We aim to bring you a service under one roof that would take four other companies to cover, at four times the price. Our offerings are comprehensive and affordable across the board to ensure that you have the service you need for your tenants, and to put focus on the other aspects of running your apartment building.

Exterior Work
            From cutting grass, to washing out parking lots, there is a lot of work that goes in to making the exterior of your apartment building look great, and we bring you the coverage you need for all of them. With our experienced professionals you have the ability to cover the entire exterior of your building with one phone call, and at an affordable rate. It’s our ambition to bring you the services you need across the spectrum of exterior maintenance by building a relationship with one company rather than several, making sure you’re completely covered, and saving money in the process.