Interior Building

There are many different aspects to the interior of a property, and getting a hold of each major professional service to care for each one can run you in the thousands of dollars, at Worthing Property Maintenance we bring you the means to have the same quality service brought across multiple disciplines while remining under one roof. We bring you the same level of quality and experience as any of the major companies out there, with a low price point, and the ability to do it all in one visit.

            Whether for a wall, a closet or a stairwell there are a million surfaces on your property that can require painting and Worthing Property Maintenance brings you the means to cover them all. No matter what you’re aiming to do with your color palette, you can rest assured that Worthing Property Maintenance has the professional services you need to get it done. We have the best in the business, working affordably for you, to ensure that when you find yourself in need of a smaller paint job, that you won’t have to pay premium prices to get a quality result.

Drywall Repair
            Though long lasting and beautiful, there are many ways that your drywall can suffer damages around your property, and having the access needed to bring the right repairs to these surfaces can be important when keeping an aesthetically pleasing look to your property. At Worthing Property Maintenance we bring you the professional quality drywall services you need to care for these areas in a uniform and invisible means that makes it hard to spot the different between original and repair. When you need the right services at the right price to handle drywall woes, you can count on us.

            There are swaths of pipe in your property, and whether we’re talking a home or an apartment building the amount can vary significantly, therefore the chances of something happening to at least one of them is just mathematical. The real struggle comes in whether or not it’s pertinent to call in a professional company for what can be a simple solution. At Worthing Property Maintenance we bring you the best compromise, in still providing the high quality solutions that the bigger companies do, while keeping a lower price point. From pipes, to connections, fixtures and more we have you covered.

Electrical Services
            The electrical systems in your property can be a fickle thing, breakers tripping for what can seem like no reason, shorts you can’t track down, items that need installation, there is a myriad of things that go into powering your building correctly, and getting the right professional service is necessary, though with certain companies can come at a premium. A professional big company electrician can run you hundreds of dollars for a single call, on what may be a small issue to fix. At Worthing Property Maintenance we bring you that same level of quality, at a fraction of the cost.