Property Maintenance & Handyman Services

Both inside and out there are many areas of your property that need attention, and it may not be financially feasible to have a professional on staff at all times, for these events you have the professional touch of Worthing Property Maintenance to rely upon, where we bring you the same high quality services as larger companies in the area, with a price point that puts them all to shame.

About Us
At Worthing Property Maintenance we are all about ensuring that you have the right expert services to a wide range of needs at your fingertips with just one phone call. Our staff consists of a wide range of skilled professionals who bring you everything from electric work to plumbing and more with the same quality as larger companies that charge over twice as much. When you need the skills of a large scale professional, with the feel of a friend who happens to be an expert in just the item you need repaired, then we invite you to call us today on 01903 680335.  

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Our Services
The services that we provide to the Worthing area runs the gamut from woodworking to brick, roofing and back again to ensure that every part of your property, interior and exterior, has the necessary skilled repairs and maintenance made available at all times. We are dedicated to providing the citizens and building owners of the Worthing area with the necessary skilled services while keeping prices at a point that anyone can afford. No matter the offering you need, you can depend on Worthing Property Maintenance to provide the right experts for the task at hand.

Check out our sister company located near Birmingham if you live in that part of the country.  They’re called Solihull Tree Surgeons and they’ll do a great job of taking care of your trees.

Ask for Tim, whom we consider to be the best if you need tree surgery Solihull, West Midlands.

Two of the most common maintenance calls we receive is that of plumbing and electrical work, as these are two of the more specialized services in the market, it’s no small wonder. And that the price point of big companies offering these services is generally pretty high, it also adds a layer of understanding on why choosing a skilled maintenance service rather than a big company as well. At Worthing Property Maintenance we bring you the services you need to ensure these areas are covered professionally.

Pipe Repair
Dealing with damages to your pipes can be a damp and dingy situation, and whether the extent of those damages is major or minor, it’s still important to get the attention of the right professionals in order to deal with it. We bring you the services you need to handle situations of any type and size, to ensure that you can depend on your pipes to do the work required of them, while giving you the peace of mind in knowing that repairs brought will last. Worthing Property Maintenance brings you qualified plumbers for all your pipe repair needs.

Drips and Leaks
One of the most common handyman related issues that we get calls for is drips and leaks. These items are seen as major nuisances, but not quite terrible enough to warrant paying a premium price to have a professional plumbing company come to your property for twenty minutes and charge you over a hundred dollars for the pleasure of their company. At Worthing Property Maintenance we bring you the right attention you need to deal with these situations in an effective fashion without charging an arm and a leg for the service, bringing back your sanity and holding back your wallet.

Fixture Installation
Getting a new fixture installed can bring a better quality of life, or to upgrade items on your property that need it. Whether a new toilet that is more efficient, or a shower that uses less water, there are many items in both electrical and plumbing that can be added to your property, and Worthing Property Maintenance has the professional services you need to make it happen. We provide you with the same level of experience and expertise as the major companies in Worthing, while keeping our prices low, giving you better access to the services you need.

Electrical Work
As the electrical in your property is broad and varied, so are the services we provide in this area. Whether you’re looking to track down the root cause of a short in your system, or to have new fixtures and controls put in, you can depend on the professional grade services we provide to bring you the best in service. Electricians are notoriously pricey due to the nature of the work they do, which can at times be a put off for customers looking for simple work, we aim to bring you the solution to that issue with proper expertise at a proper price.

Horsham and Crawley Electricians  are available for outdoor and garden lighting Horsham bringing a new dimension to your home.

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